ZAC Protocol Presale (Round 3)

if you are an investor and you want to participate in ZAC Protocol Presale you can follow these steps to get ZAC token:

What is ZAC Protocol?

ZAC Protocol is the next generation of liquidity mining. It will make liquidity mining more profitable and safe thanks to its own mechanism. Let’s explain how this mechanism works, but we all know liquidity mining offers high profit and high risk because you will add liquidity with BNB and token, but what if the price of BNB drops? What if the price of the token drop? You will lose your money. Still, with ZAC Protocol, you can mine without any risk of loss because the ZAC protocol will combine two tokens in his mechanism.

ZAC is the primary token users…

After we see high fees and instability of ETH blockchain we decided to change our blockchain from ethereum (ERC20) to (BEP20).

how u can change your ZAC tokens from ERC20 to BEP20?

it’s one simple step we will provide the address to send your zac tokens on it and and receive the ratio will be 1:2 ZAC mean if you have 1 ZAC in ERC20 u will get 2 ZAC in BEP20, and we will launch presale for ZAC (BEP20) with price 7$ and the listing will be X2 from the presale price in pancakeswap. …

What is Z-Farm and how it’s work?

Z-Farm is a product from ZAC Finance that enables users to farm and earn zac tokens as rewards by adding liquidity to our pool.

how it’s work?

for every 7 days period of farming, the rewards will be added to fZAC ( farming contract ) and users will deposit UNI-V2 LP tokens to farm ZAC, who provide more liquidity he will get the biggest share from rewards.

  • user can unfarm at any time he wants and get his rewards and UNI-V2 LP tokens back and the owner can not withdraw any rewards tokens or UNI-V2 LP tokens mean.

is fZAC Contract safe?

yes, it is an audited contract by an approved auditor from Callisto Network.

Audit report of Farming contract

Z-Stake Contract has been deployed successfully and audited by an approved auditor from Callisto Network

sZAC contract address

Audit report

What is Z-Stake?

users can stake there own zac tokens to get a 5% reward monthly, they can unstake at any time and get the reward.
interest changeable mean the community will vote for change the % ( example from 5%to 3% or 7% ), but if we change the % and some users still stake there own zac they will not be affected by the new % they will keep get 5% each month until they unstake and stake again or stake new zac tokens.
minimum ZAC amount for the stake is 30 ZAC.
the contract will be fully audited by an approved auditor from Callisto Network 100% secure and safe.
Note: the owner of the Contract doesn’t have any access to users tokens .

What is ZAC Finance?

ZAC Finance it is an ecosystem Controlled by ZAC token

Z-Farm :
You can here farm to get ZAC as a reward by staking your tokens on the pools will provide from us 6–12 Pools.
Z-Stake :
Stake your ZAC token to get ZAC reward, ROI here will be different.
is a leveraged stable coin exchange. It enables users to borrow stable coins with up to 500x leverage
Z-Swap :
A single-sided automated market maker is similar to uniswap . …

Zac Protocol

ZAC Mining/ZAC ZAC Stake//ZAC Swap/ZAC Leverage

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