Migration to Binance Smart chain (BEP20) :

After we see high fees and instability of ETH blockchain we decided to change our blockchain from ethereum (ERC20) to (BEP20).

how u can change your ZAC tokens from ERC20 to BEP20?

it’s one simple step we will provide the address to send your zac tokens on it and and receive the ratio will be 1:2 ZAC mean if you have 1 ZAC in ERC20 u will get 2 ZAC in BEP20, and we will launch presale for ZAC (BEP20) with price 7$ and the listing will be X2 from the presale price in pancakeswap. it’s more secure and easy to use more than.

Can I buy ZAC now and be eligible for changing my zac (erc20) to ZAC (BEP20)?

you can not we already register all our holders mean if you, not a holder before 21/12/2020 you are not eligible for migration and u need to buy ZAC from the presale.

Note: all our new contracts in BEP20 will be audited by trusted auditors.