What is ZAC Protocol?

ZAC Protocol is the next generation of liquidity mining. It will make liquidity mining more profitable and safe thanks to its own mechanism. Let’s explain how this mechanism works, but we all know liquidity mining offers high profit and high risk because you will add liquidity with BNB and token, but what if the price of BNB drops? What if the price of the token drop? You will lose your money. Still, with ZAC Protocol, you can mine without any risk of loss because the ZAC protocol will combine two tokens in his mechanism.

ZAC is the primary token users will mine him by adding liquidity in the pairs we offer, but once they add liquidity system will registred the price of ZAC and BNB at the same time. If the price drop of BNB or ZAC or both, you will get another token called LZAC that will cover your loss, but if the price of BNB or ZAC or both goes up, you will not get LZAC, LZAC is token backed by ZAC Protocol Team mean we will buy back with fees of our products to keep it stable.

ZAC Procotol Products

ZAC Mining: user can add liquidity and mine ZAC

ZAC Stake: user can stake ZAC and earn ZAC

ZAC Swap: user can swap zac to another token

ZAC Leverage: user can open position long and short for another token in Uniswap

Tokenomics of ZAC Protocol

Total Supply: 320000 ZAC

Presale: 120000 ZAC

Pool: 60000 ZAC and will be locked

ZAC mining; 80000 ZAC

ZAC Stake: 40000 ZAC

Development and marketing: 50000 ZAC

Team: 10000 ZAC and will be locked

Presale Date

The initial offering will start on 5 February. The price of each ZAC will be listed at $2.80, and the listing price will be $5.60 hardcap is 250 ETH and soft cap is 150 ETH all those who registered in the form will get their ZAC BEP20 before the listing at the following ratio 1 ZAC (ERC20) = 2 ZAC (BEP20), and if you buy more than 1000 ZAC, you will get a 5% bonus.

ZAC Contract Address bep20

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