ZAC Protocol Presale (Round 3)

if you are an investor and you want to participate in ZAC Protocol Presale you can follow these steps to get ZAC token:

  • anyone can buy ZAC token with BNB or ETH and USDT
  • if you will buy ZAC from our Presale link in Bounce finance you should setup Binance Smart Chain to your metamask ( mainnet ) from the link below: , after that, buy BNB and send it to your address and join our presale from this link: and make sure you are using Binance smart chain network and you can buy ZAC. Ratio is 1 BNB = 88 ZAC and if you buy more than 1000 ZAC u will get a 20% bonus.
  • if you attract any new investors buy more than 1000 ZAC and provide proofs u will earn 200 ZAC.
  • Note those who participate in our presale in rounds 1&2 they will get additional tokens with a ratio of 1:0.5 ZAC.

Follow this video if you want to buy with BNB

  • you can buy ZAC token with ETH & USDT by sending your ETH or USDT to to the owner address : 0xbFfa6584B8806B97b4Dd904dE6654090551C5Aa5

1 ETH = 675 ZAC ( there is no limit )

1 ZAC = 2.80$ ( there is no limit )

The presale period is 10 Days and the listing date is 3 March on Pancakeswap and the price of the listing will be 5.60$

Softcap: 900 BNB

Hardcap: 1300 BNB

Presale link

ZAC Contract Address bep20

Telegram Group

Telegram Channel


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